Ukrainian President Frees Prisoners to Fight for Freedom

Prisoners with “real combat experience” will be released, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, so they can assist in the country’s ongoing conflict with Russia.

In a speech delivered on Feb 28, Zelensky told the Ukrainian people everyone who can contribute to the fight against the invading forces must do so; the nation is devoting every minute of its time to the conflict.

When he broke the news, Zelensky confirmed those who have prior experience fighting would be released from custody to assist in the “struggle for the state.”

The Ukrainians who have actual combat expertise will be released from jail; they will be able to make up for their mistakes in the most dangerous areas, according to Zelensky.

Sanctions against several individuals who took part in the Anti-Terrorist Operation would be lifted completely. The most important thing right now is defense.

More on Zelensky’s Announcement

Zelensky stated the choice was hard to make from a moral standpoint, but it was critical in terms of safety and security.

“During my presidential campaign, I stated we are all presidents in our own right. We are all liable for our country, for better or worse. In honor of our lovely Ukraine, now each of us is a warrior,” he explained.

“I am confident that each one of us will come out on top.”

As part of his appeal, Zelensky called on Russian troops to cease fighting, citing news stories that more than 4,500 Russian soldiers had already been killed in the conflict in Ukraine.

“Leave your equipment at the door. Get the hell out of here. Don’t put your faith in your commanders. Don’t believe what your propagandists are telling you. Simply save your existence,” he advised.

In addition, Zelensky called on the European Union to give Ukraine membership as soon as possible, given the country’s ongoing conflict with Russia.

More Details

According to the video address, “our primary objective is to be together with all European powers and, most pertinently, to be on an equal footing.”

“I’m confident that it is reasonable. I’m confident that it is possible.”

The Ukrainian president stated the country would be able to join the EU immediately under a “new special procedure,” though it is unsure what this would entail exactly.

The remarks came after Zelensky delivered a speech on Saturday in which he urged the European Union to grant Ukraine membership.

He stated on Saturday the destruction of residential buildings by missiles and artillery is the final debate for the international community to join Ukraine in putting an end to this occupation.

“In the most straightforward way possible, I believe the Ukrainian people should receive and have the right to become members of the European Union. This will serve as the primary demonstration of support for our nation.”