University Shoves Anti-racism Agenda Down Graduates’ Throats

"2013 Rally for Transgender Equality 21174" by Ted Eytan

Yet another college in America made diversity training an official part of its program.

This college is demanding that its graduates attend an online seminar on the topic, which every student will have to pass in order to receive their diploma.

Some 40 years ago, young people strived to become salarymen, bankers, firemen, lawyers, and whatnot.

However, now it’s come down to who wants to adhere to the left’s absurd guidelines regarding inclusiveness and diversity and who wants to be canceled on the spot.

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Instructions on diversity, equity, and inclusion

The university in question, Ohio’s Miami University, offers a sickeningly “woke” explanation for the change, claiming everyone benefits from diversity and equity.

It’s almost as if the entirety of college hadn’t taught these students those principles. The modules the seminar has to offer range anywhere from ageism and ableism to LGBTQ+ identities and race bias.

This prompts the question of how someone’s sexual preferences and the means to “honor” them made it into a university’s life training course.

In fact, microaggressions are, by definition, small things we’re not supposed to bat an eye to, but apparently, the course presents them as a massive issue.

It puts an immense amount of focus on antiracism, a pointless agenda created by the BLM movement in order to create tensions between the two communities.

Anti-racism once again reaches the trending status

If you’re not up to speed on the term, anti-racism is the active dismantling of systems and privileges “put in place to establish white dominance.”

This means, sooner or later, they’ll be teaching every white university graduate that white guilt is mandatory to receive their diploma.

The university’s vice president of institutional diversity, Cristina Alcalde, believes the seminar is of critical importance to the future of our youth, claiming “diverse” businesses are more competitive, innovative and successful than their non-diverse peers.

This absurd ideology reaches as far as the US military, where it says on its website that DEI in the military is integral to the safety and success of the United States.

As it turns out, education has evolved past teaching students critical thinking and the necessary skills to lead successful careers and expand on them over the years.

Instead, it’s now shifting the focus on how they’ll be able to pander to every minority class accordingly.

By the time the left is done pushing these agendas, America will be left in an unrecognizable state.

Its sharpest minds will be clogged with pointless information on concepts that generate themselves naturally among the country’s academic population.

This new system of forcing DEI onto students has yet to be fully tested. Yet, given the fact the left is known for making moves like this to stir tensions, the chances are the strategy will be a massive flop.