Updates to PC Language Require Calling Trans Women Just “Women”

"National Equality March [33]" by Ben Schumin

Watching one’s language has taken on an entirely new meaning in recent history. According to the trans-related section in a guide, sex being a factual reality discovered at birth is a thing of the past.

Now, it’s a thing for said child to discover and be challenged by for the rest of their human life, that is if they choose to continue identifying as one.

“Associated Press sweets” by Sarah Marshall

What used to be binary is now in the thousands

This notion implies gender is no longer limited to just men and women, but rather it is an entire spectrum, including newly-created concepts, such as cake gender , clowngender, and even pokemongender, if you’re into THAT sort of thing.

However, this ever-expanding context isn’t limited to the trans community.

The new norm of political correctness practically forced it onto everyone, meaning you have to adhere to one’s pronouns with complete and utter respect, no matter how hilarious or otherworldly they may sound.

This also includes the ominous-sounding concept of “deadnaming,” which refers to using a trans person’s past name.

They claim this can be as impactful as using racial slurs, as it can cause “harmful” feelings to resurface.

Additionally, if a man suddenly chooses to identify as a woman, there isn’t much to do about it other than immediately start adhering to the new norm.

This guide is even urging writers to switch on over to “is a woman” rather than “identifies as a woman.”

Deconstructing language to protect the snowflakes

If you thought language has seen better days, you haven’t even seen what the trans agenda has done to biology.

Writers are now advised to evade terms such as “biological male” or “biological female,” due to them being used to “oversimplify” sex and gender by opponents of the movement.

Aside from retconning some basic biology in favor of a small community’s narrative, the left has also chosen to rename gender reassignment surgery and related procedures to “gender-affirming care,” as it can reduce suicidal behavior.

What the guide fails to mention is the suicide rates of transitioned individuals are beyond repair.

They’ve been going up steadily for years now, with the numbers much higher among younger people encouraged to undergo surgery at the faintest sign of gender dysphoria.

Speaking of gender dysphoria, it’s not long ago when it was still officially classified as a mental illness, but the libs managed to get that hurdle out of the way.

If that wasn’t woke enough for you, the guide also mentions that transitioning therapy drugs can be administered to children as young as 14, whereas some surgical procedures can already be performed at age 15.

In the end, it may be best to get with the times.

If your boy isn’t making the national swim team this year, just get him to switch on over to the female category; it’s not like he’d have an unfair advantage and completely demolish the competition, right?