US Embassy in Ukraine is Warning Staff Members with Families to Flee

The situation in Ukraine is taking a new turn.

The United States Embassy in Ukraine sent out an urgent message to all staff members of the US embassy to evacuate immediately. The warning comes as Russian military forces are on the border of Ukraine and could be possibly invading any day, according to Biden.

Evacuations for non-essential embassy employees will begin next week; it’s a sure sign the Pentagon knows something the American people don’t yet.

More Details on the Story

The US Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine also tweeted out a photo that stated that over 200,000 pounds of ammunition has been received by Ukrainian frontline defenders.

The move by the United States comes just days after President Biden assumed Putin was going to move Russian troops over the border of Ukraine.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently held talks with Russian diplomats, but the two were not able to make any promises that conflicts would ensue at Ukraine’s border.

As of right now, over 100,000 Russian troops are at the edge of Ukraine’s border, which is a major sign that aggression is near.

Since 2014, the United States has handed over $2.7 billion to Ukraine to help support its Armed Forces from any invasions from Russia.

Will Ukraine be Afghanistan 2.0?

Days before Afghanistan was taken over by the Taliban, Biden held a national press conference and claimed that the Fall of Saigon would not happen in Afghanistan. He was wrong though because it was much worse.

Thousands of Afghans packed outside of the airport and even some clung to the evacuation flights until they fell to their deaths.

Biden made it sound as if their takeover was not even remotely in the cards; the Pentagon backed up Biden’s words, too.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was a complete disaster and ultimately made the United States and the Afghanistan military the losers of the two-decade-long war. It’s tough saying the United States lost to a group of guerilla fighters, but that’s reality.

The US troops didn’t lose the battle, but rather Biden and the desk officers at the Pentagon lost the war. Some political analysts are afraid Russia will take over Ukraine and the United States will just fall back just as they did in Afghanistan.

The reality is if the United States were to get into a war with Russia, then China would launch attacks on Taiwan immediately. North Korea would do a full-scale attack against South Korea and Israel would be under fire by its adversaries as well.

A full-blown WWIII moment could happen right before our eyes and this could have been all prevented if Trump was re-elected.

We never heard about Russia, China, and North Korea testing the United States while Trump was in office, but now with Biden, they do as they please.