US Threatens China If It Gives Sanctioned Putin Lifeline in Ukraine War

Democrat President Joe Biden is taking – or at least is trying to project – a tough stance on China with respect to any potential aid for murderous Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin.

Unspecified US Threats Towards China

The strongly-worded, but unspecified, American threat for China came from Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, on Sunday.

He expressed US indignation over the cold-blooded murder of an American journalist by Russian forces in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Putin’s attack has sent the Russian currency into a free fall.

The Putin regime is seeking to replace its clients and sources of imported technologies and goods in the West with China.

This creates worries that China might indirectly be bankrolling the survival of Moscow’s dictatorship and the further reign of terror in the war in Ukraine.

Biden’s NSA Sullivan, therefore, threatened China is “absolutely” going to “face consequences” from the United States and its western allies if it financially supports Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

China Knew Putin Would Invade Ukraine

Jake Sullivan even went so far as to declare the understanding of the Biden administration that China, and Xi, in particular, had been made aware of Putin’s plans to invade Ukraine.

This is a nation of 45 million people facing a move which has resulted in the biggest war in Europe since World War II.

Biden’s national security adviser did note it is possible that the Russians may not have told the Chinese of the “full extent” to which Putin intended to invade Ukraine, the same way the Russian tyrant “lied to the Europeans”.

Whatever the level of China’s awareness of Putin’s invasion plans might have been, Sullivan warned the United States is “watching closely” the degree to which the communists in Beijing may be giving any kind of economic or material support to Russia.

He also revealed the US has “communicated” to the Xi regime that it isn’t going to allow any nation to “compensate Russia” for whatever losses Putin’s government is incurring because of the Ukraine war sanctions.

At the same time, however, Sullivan refused to disclose whether the Biden administration is prepared to impose sanctions on China if Beijing is caught aiding Putin’s war efforts in Ukraine.

In fact, Biden’s adviser even said he isn’t going to “brandish threats publicly.” Yet, he doubled down on how the US government has been telling China that “large-scale sanction evasion efforts” would bring consequences.

Sullivan argued further no country in the world would be allowed to throw Russia “a lifeline”.

For the time being, the People’s Republic of China has refused to sanction Russia for Putin’s war against Ukraine. Also, last week, Beijing even declared the Russians to be the “most important strategic foreign partner” of the Chinese government.