Verizon Just Ditched One American News (OAN)

Many Americans today have become disaffected by the statements and messages from the mainstream media.

Mainstream media outlets have long been accused of bias and of intentionally dragging the political right through the mud while cheerleading for leftists.

Annoyance and exasperation with this ultimately led to conservatives creating their own news platforms, such as Newsmax, One American News, etc.

However, in the case of the latter, it remains to be seen how long it can really stay afloat. As reported by The Hill, One American News was just ditched by a major carrier.

An Uncertain Future For OAN

Verizon’s release of OAN is being declared as a result of the parties failing to agree on new contract terms.

The version of events provided by Verizon claims that during negotiations, it submitted terms for a new contract to begin, but OAN ultimately didn’t agree to them.

Verizon likewise states that economic particulars played a role in the contract terms that were ultimately offered to OAN.

This loss of Verizon isn’t the greatest for OAN. Not too long ago, DirecTV also scrapped its working relationship with the conservative news channel. With Verizon now gone too, OAN will be mostly reliant upon carriers with much less reach, clout, and influence.

Reactions From the Public

Many left-wingers, who are not fans of OAN by any stretch of the imagination, haven’t hesitated to cheer on the company losing Verizon as a carrier.

Some leftists believe that without carriers like Verizon and DirecTV, OAN will eventually go under. Others have pointed out there could be less of a platform for OAN to spread its message and reach viewers.

Meanwhile, conservatives and others who like OAN as a source of news haven’t been cheering on this development. Many OAN fans view Verizon’s pullback as another form of censorship or the machine taking out alternative forms of media.

At this time, OAN will have Verizon as a carrier through the end of the month. From August on forward, though, OAN will have to either find a new top carrier or work with the smaller carriers they currently have.

How the network is able to pull through will ultimately be revealed in time, one way or another. At the same time OAN loses Verizon, it’s also on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems.

Dominion is not pleased with claims that OAN made about its voting machines and is therefore seeking millions in damages.

What are your thoughts about One American News losing top carriers like Verizon and DirecTV? Do you believe the news platform will be able to adapt and ultimately continue forward, even with just smaller carriers on its roster? Please let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.