Video Catches Biden Calling His Mask “Stupid”

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

A video that has been getting massive retweets revealed how Biden truly feels about masks.

As Biden was walking out to Air Force One, a reporter caught Biden by surprise and was looking to ask Biden a question.

The president approached the reporter, started to take his mask halfway off, and stated he looks “stupid” wearing a mask.

The same man who, on his first day in office, issued a mask mandate on all federal properties has now been caught on camera calling masks stupid.

Watch the moment he said it here:

It’s okay for Biden to call masks stupid; nobody has a problem with that. However, people do have a problem with him issuing mandates and then later referring to his mask as stupid.

That Wasn’t Biden’s Only Blunder of the Week

If that was Biden’s only mistake, he might be able to have a hall pass, but it wasn’t.

During a visit to Clark Atlanta University to speak about voting rights, Biden referred to Kamala Harris as the president. After Biden called her the president, he didn’t correct himself either.

That wasn’t the first time he called Kamala Harris the president; he has done it several times before.

Last week, while attending a January 6th memorial service, Biden called Trump the president, even though all of the liberal networks force themselves to call him the “former” president.

All Jokes Aside, Biden’s Latest Mistake is Quite Serious

Biden’s latest update on COVID-19 was quite bizarre, to say the least.

Biden urged Americans to wear masks (despite saying he looked stupid in one earlier) and pressed for vaccinated people to get their boosters shots.

He then changed his tone, aimed his attention towards social media companies, and pushed for these companies to deal with disinformation and misinformation.

Biden then went on to say disinformation must stop. Biden’s comments enraged many Americans because essentially, he wants social media companies to rip Americans’ First Amendment rights away from them.

Biden’s comments also raised many questions, such as who will be the one who decides what is false and what is true.

Some users on Twitter joked the “ministry of truth” will decide, while other users claimed anyone but us will decide.

This isn’t the first time Biden has railed against social media companies; he previously slammed Facebook for “killing people.”

Biden then backtracked his words once Facebook pushed backed and said misinformation and disinformation on Facebook are killing people, not Facebook themselves.

Many conservatives on Twitter have been banned for saying that Biden has been calling the shots for social media to censor people, but now it’s all out in the open. The current president isn’t ashamed to admit any of it.