Vital Twitter Case Begins in the Supreme Court

Over the past several years, social media companies have found themselves in increasingly hot water regarding their operations and the particulars of their platforms.

Some critics claim social media sites are purposefully censoring folks who don’t share certain viewpoints on hot-button issues. Then, there are others who say that social media sites are allowing dangerous misinformation and terrorism on their platforms for the sake of profit.

These companies have pushed back against critics from both sides, noting that meaningful protocols exist and are in place.

However, when it comes to accusations of terrorism, a case involving Twitter is currently making its way through the Supreme Court, as documented by Fox Business.

What Every American Should Know

Back in 2017, Nawras Alassaf lost his life during an attack on a nightclub in Istanbul by the Islamic State. Twitter has been dragged into this because Alassaf’s relatives believe the social media site provided aid to the Islamic State and therefore want to hold the platform accountable for it.

The Supreme Court is now listening to oral arguments that are both supportive of and opposed to this position. If Twitter is deemed to be liable for this, it could significantly impact not just this particular site, but also other social media platforms.

In court, Twitter maintains that terrorists involved in the 2017 Instanbul attack exploited the platform, rather than the platform aiding and abetting these terrorists.

A Case Worth Following

This particular Supreme Court case is definitely worth keeping up with. The family of Alassaf not only maintains that Twitter aided and abetted ISIS, but they also claim Twitter allowed terrorists to use its platform as a tool to recruit others.

As all this transpires, social media companies are also being hit with growing debates about Section 230. Section 230 impacts these platforms’ liability for the things that are posted on their sites.

Right now, if Section 230 goes, then it will impact how the general public is able to use social media. These outlets will also have to take more preventative measures to avoid landing in legal jeopardy as well.

The weeks ahead will determine what ultimately comes of the current Supreme Court case concerning Twitter where oral arguments are being heard.

Because of the parties involved and the magnitude of allegations against the social media site, the case is already making international news and capturing all sorts of headlines regarding the internet, terrorism, ISIS, and free speech on social media.

What do you think about the case the Supreme Court is hearing? Do you suspect the family of the deceased will be able to sue Twitter over the claims being made in court? Please feel more than welcome to share your predictions about this in the comments section below.