WATCH: Security Guard Fights Black Woman Demanding ‘Reparations’

The idea of reparations has grown in the past few decades on the left. It demands that American taxpayers fund payouts to black Americans because of the slavery some of their ancestors endured.

This recently came to a boiling point at a Target store in Blue Ash, Ohio, when a security guard had all he could take from a loud and arrogant woman demanding reparations.

Video footage of what happened next is now being released to the public.

Pay My Bill, Racist!

Karen Ivery was shopping at Target in Blue Ash, Ohio and racked up a very sizable buy of around $1,000 in groceries. At checkout, she started saying her bill should be paid since she is black and it should be “reparations.”

Ivery demanded to speak to the manager and an argument started in which Ivery started insulting the female manager and her “privilege.”

The manager was becoming uncomfortable. Target security guy Zach Cotter came up to break it up, telling Ivery to get out of the store if she wasn’t going to pay.

She refused and followed Cotter to his office yelling at him and trying to get up in his face. That’s when Cotter punched her in the face and she fell down on the floor of his security office.

Wild Confrontation

It’s clear this was a very wild confrontation. The idea that private businesses should pay someone’s bill due to their skin tone is obviously outrageous. The incident actually led to Ivery being arrested.

Police determined that she was the one who started the fight and put Cotter in danger by advancing on him, aggressively shouting and threatening harm.

Ivery wouldn’t explain her issue and was reportedly “confrontational” with cops.

Ivery said demanding everything be paid for her was her “Rosa Parks moment” and she was just raising an important issue that needs to be resolved. She was fined $110 and spent a day in jail for her trouble.

The Bottom Line

The far left in America is losing all grip on reality and they’re becoming increasingly violent.

Please exercise caution around such people and alert authorities if they begin issuing violent threats or attempt physical harm against you.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.