WATCH: Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney Has A New Sexual Identity!

Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney made waves several months ago when he became the face of Bud Light beer. The backlash over this led to a tanking stock and Budweiser pulled out all the stops to try to recover their sinking brand.

Though now Mulvaney himself is deciding to rebrand as well. Mulvaney, who consider himself a “woman,” now says “she” is a lesbian.

Surprise, Surprise!

It is common in the world of fame to do a rebrand every now and then. Nowadays when the clicks start to slow down, you need to come up with something new!

Mulvaney couldn’t afford to let the spotlight fade, which is why he now claims to be a “lesbian.” Here’s a live shot of everyone who actually cares about this idiocy: zero people.

Faced with the drop in views and likes, lo and behold, Dylan makes a new post capable of rekindling the spotlights that no longer illuminated him. Dylan goes public on her TikTok and says he is now a “lesbian.”

In the video, Dylan said he is attracted to women and ends up concluding that he considers himself a lesbian.

Megyn Kelly Responds

Journalist Megyn Kelly is one of those who responded with laughter to this hilarious idiocy. As she clearly sees, this is all about just trying to get back in the spotlight.

Muvanley was born in San Diego, California. He holds a bachelor’s degree in musical arts and theater from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati.

He is an actor who started being “trans” during COVID to get more fame on TikTok. Today, Mulvaney amasses about 11 million followers on TikTok and 2 million on Instagram.

Last year, Dylan met with President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss the rights of transgender people, helping rocket him to more fame. This is all just a publicity stunt by a mentally unwell young man, obviously.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.