White House Calls for Freedom Convoy to End

Multiple reports have surfaced, reporting the White House is calling for the Canadian government to squelch the Freedom Convoy protests in Canada.

The Biden-led White House called for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to end the anti-mandate protests as soon as possible.

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is in talks with the Canadian government and it’s reported he’s encouraging Trudeau to end the protests immediately.

The Democrat governor of Michigan has also called for the protest to end after Canadian and American truckers created a blockade on the Ambassador Bridge which connects Detriot and Canada.

More Details on the Story

Governor Whitmer, who allowed cities in Michigan to be destroyed by BLM and Antifa riots, has called for the truckers to reopen the bridge or she will use heavy machinery to remove them.

Commentators on left-wing networks like CNN are calling for the trucks to simply be moved; the only thing is they can’t be moved. Once airbrakes on a semi are pressed, all 18 wheels are locked and it would be impossible for tow trucks to move them.

Only a wrecker would be able to remove the trucks, but that would take too much time and resources. Many tow truck companies are refusing to tow the trucks away regardless because they don’t support what the Canadian government is doing.

Canada’s Government is Showing Its True Colors

Throughout the last two weeks, the Canadian liberal government, led by PM Justin Trudeau, has shown its true colors.

Instead of listening to the truckers, farmers, and healthcare workers’ concerns, Trudeau has gone into hiding and completely ignored the truckers’ demands. At one point, Trudeau even called the truckers’ protesting movement one that is filled with racism and hatred.

Local governments in Ontario have already started to seize truckers’ fuel and food supply in a move to try to starve and freeze the truckers out.

Many believe this is a direct violation of human rights, considering if the truckers don’t have fuel, then the heat in their trucks can’t run. This would result in them and their families freezing in the frigid temperatures.

Ontario has even banned honking from the big rigs after the truckers who are idle in downtown Ontario would constantly blow their air horns, which annoyed liberal residents.

The Canadian government has lost all of its leverage and some local governments have already removed their vaccine mandates.

In Coutts, Alberta, local governments have removed all COVID-19 restrictions after truckers staged a block at an international border near the Coutts-Montana border.

Although it was a small win, truckers are showing that they will not go away without all vaccine mandates being removed and they will occupy Canadian cities until their demands are met.