Will Smith Receives Huge Penalty From Academy Awards

The Academy Awards has ruled on a punishment in the weeks after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock live at the Oscars.

“For the next ten years, starting from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith will not be privileged to join any Academy occurrences or initiatives, in person or virtually, including the Academy Awards.”

That’s according to an official notice sent by the Academy president and obtained by reporters on Friday.

“We failed to effectively address the issue in the room during our broadcast. We deeply regret this. We had a chance to set a model for our guests and viewers, but we failed,” the Academy Awards claimed.


“We want to convey our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Rock for retaining his cool under exceptional occurrences,” wrote Rubin and Hudson in a statement to the public.

“During our program, we would also like to thank our presenters, nominees, presenters, and winners.”

More on the Academy’s Decision

After Will Smith’s recent behavior, the Academy has taken the first step toward protecting its performers and visitors and restoring public faith.

All those involved and harmed by this can benefit from a period of repair and healing.

“I respect and accept the Academy’s decision,” Smith declared in a statement through his representative.

Due to Smith’s formal resignation from the Academy on April 1, the meeting was previously planned for April 18, but was moved up to April 8.

Academy president David Rubin took action to speed up the process for any prospective sanctions, stating in a memo, “It is in the long-term interest of everybody involved for this to be addressed in a timely manner and with expulsion off the table.”

Investigation Launched

An official investigation into what happened has been launched. The Academy’s Standards of Conduct, which outline the organization’s ethical expectations of its members, were made public after the ceremony.

According to the Academy, members must conduct themselves in a way that upholds the Academy’s excellent name and reputation.

Direct violence that is unsolicited, unsuitable, and undesired is considered unacceptable conduct.

For members found to have breached the Standards of Conduct, “the Academy may undertake any disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion from membership,” according to the Academy’s Bylaws.

“I have completely accepted any and all repercussions for my behavior,” stated the King Richard star in a statement released by his representative at the time.

“My behavior at the Academy Awards was startling, terrible, and unacceptable. Among people I’ve wronged are Chris, his family, a slew of close friends and family, the entire audience, and viewers throughout the world. I betrayed the Academy’s faith in me.”

Will Smith’s ten-year ban from the academy awards isn’t really a tough punishment, considering he literally assaulted one of the nicest guys in Hollywood on stage.

It appears the Will Smith we all love in the movies is just an actor after all.