Cornel West’s Bold Move: Choosing Melina Abdullah as VP in the 2024 Presidential Race


In an unexpected twist to the 2024 presidential race, Cornel West, a candidate running as an independent, has made a significant decision by selecting Melina Abdullah, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist and academic, as his vice-presidential running mate.

This choice introduces a unique blend of activism and academia into the political arena, signaling a campaign deeply rooted in the principles of justice and love.

West, despite facing financial challenges with a campaign fund of just $1 million, praises Abdullah for her alignment with historic civil rights figures such as Fannie Lou Hamer and Martin Luther King Jr. This comparison not only elevates Abdullah's status within the campaign but also strategically positions the duo as heirs to a rich legacy of civil rights advocacy.

Abdullah's background as the leader of the Pan-African Studies Department at Cal State LA adds an academic depth to the ticket, merging scholarly insight with grassroots activism. This combination could potentially resonate with voters who are looking for candidates with a strong foundation in social justice issues and a clear commitment to addressing systemic inequalities.

However, the Democratic National Committee has expressed concerns over West's candidacy, fearing that it may split the vote and inadvertently assist in the potential re-election of Donald Trump. This apprehension highlights the complexities of running as an independent in a predominantly two-party system, where the dynamics of vote distribution can have unintended consequences on the election outcome.

Despite these challenges, West and Abdullah are steadfast in their mission to promote a platform centered on justice and love. Their campaign represents a departure from traditional political discourse, focusing instead on a message that seeks to unite rather than divide.

The selection of Abdullah as a vice-presidential candidate is not just a political maneuver but a statement of intent. It underscores the campaign's dedication to civil rights and social justice, areas that both West and Abdullah have passionately advocated for throughout their career.

As the 2024 presidential race heats up, the West-Abdullah ticket is poised to add a new dynamic to the election. Their campaign, though financially modest, carries the weight of historical civil rights movements and the promise of a more inclusive and equitable political landscape.

In conclusion, the choice of Melina Abdullah as Cornel West's running mate is a bold strategy that brings activism and academia to the forefront of the 2024 presidential election. Whether this decision will translate into electoral success remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly sets the stage for a campaign unlike any other in recent history.

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  1. Anyone that thinks people are trying to help Black people in any way or form like this comment about black lives don’t matter are in deed races people and trying to make the group terrorist group


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