“Dark Brandon” Image Sparks Outrage and Mockery on Social Media


In a bizarre twist of social media antics, President Joe Biden became the subject of widespread criticism and mockery after posting an unsettling image on Twitter. The photo, which surfaced on the night of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, featured a sinister depiction of the President with glowing red eyes, accompanied by the cryptic caption, “Just like we drew it up.”

The eerie post, which came shortly after the Chiefs secured their second consecutive NFL championship with a last-second touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers, has left many users puzzled and disturbed. The image, referred to as “dark Brandon,” seems to be a play on the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme, but its timing and presentation have raised eyebrows across the political spectrum.

Social media erupted with reactions, ranging from accusations of dementia to outright condemnation of the President’s mental fitness for office. Some users went as far as to suggest that the post was not made by Biden himself, given the late hour of its appearance, but rather by a staff member or intern.

Amidst the online uproar, some commentators took the opportunity to lambast the President over his administration’s policies, accusing him of destroying the country and aligning with foreign interests. Others labeled him a war criminal, referencing military actions taken during his tenure.

The post also reignited conspiracy theories surrounding the NFL season, with some alleging that the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win was rigged to facilitate a White House visit and a political endorsement from celebrity figures. This narrative had been previously hinted at in a video posted by the Biden campaign, where the President jokingly refused to comment on whether he was plotting to rig the season.

The backlash was not limited to conspiracy theorists and political opponents; even parody accounts joined in the fray, with one likening the Democratic Party to having “rigged and stolen” the Super Bowl. The collective response painted a picture of widespread disapproval and disbelief at the President’s social media conduct.

As the dust settles on this social media fiasco, it is clear that the President’s attempt at humor or engagement with popular memes has backfired spectacularly. The “Dark Brandon” image has become a symbol of the controversy and division that continue to plague the current political landscape.

While the true intention behind the President’s post remains unclear, the reaction it has provoked is indicative of the deep-seated tensions and distrust that exist within the American public. As the administration continues to navigate these turbulent waters, it is evident that every move, even on social media, is scrutinized and fraught with potential fallout.