Former FBI Leaders Issue Stark Warning of National Security Threat Due to Unchecked Borders


In an unprecedented move, a cadre of former FBI officials has come forward with a dire warning for the United States Congress. These seasoned veterans of national security have sounded the alarm on what they perceive as one of the most significant threats to America’s safety in recent history. Their concern centers around the surge of military-aged men from hostile nations who are entering the country through its porous borders.

The gravity of this situation cannot be overstated. According to these experts, the demographic shift at the southern boundary of the United States began in 2021 and has since reached alarming levels. The influx consists predominantly of young, single adult males, many hailing from regions that are not friendly to American interests. This includes individuals from countries designated as State Sponsors of Terror, which raises the specter of potential infiltration by those with nefarious intentions.

These former FBI chiefs have outlined a scenario where the traditional measures of national security are being bypassed. They argue that the nation’s military, laws, and other natural protective barriers, which have historically safeguarded the homeland, are now being circumvented. This has resulted in a dramatic decrease in national security, leaving the country vulnerable to unprecedented dangers.

The memo issued by these officials draws attention to the recent Hamas terror attack on Israel on October 7th as a chilling reminder of the potential for mimicry within our own borders. The fear is that the young men who have entered the U.S. could be easily manipulated to carry out similar atrocities. The officials stress that it is imperative to consider the possibility of such individuals attacking gatherings of unarmed citizens or critical infrastructure at the behest of a foreign terror group.

In light of these concerns, the former FBI leaders are calling for urgent action. They emphasize the need for immediate and coordinated efforts by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the Intelligence Community to address this threat. It is their belief that securing the borders and identifying those who have entered the country illegally should be a top priority for Congress and the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

The signatories of the memo include several retired high-ranking FBI officials with extensive experience in counterterrorism and national security. Their collective expertise lends significant weight to their warning, and their decision to come forward reflects the seriousness with which they view the current situation.

The presence of these military-aged men within the United States represents a new and unfamiliar danger, one that the country has never faced before. The officials warn that any violation of immigration laws increases risks, but the current surge is particularly alarming due to the strategic nature of the entries. They suggest that elements of this recent surge are likely no accident or coincidence, but rather a soft invasion designed to gain internal access to inflict catastrophic damage if and when deemed necessary by adversaries.

In conclusion, the former FBI chiefs urge Congress to give greater attention to this issue and take decisive steps to protect the nation. They warn that failure to act could result in a preventable attack against innocent Americans or the infrastructure that keeps the nation safe and functioning. It is a call to action that cannot be ignored if the United States wishes to maintain its security and sovereignty in the face of this imminent threat.