The 2024 Ballot Dilemma: President Biden’s Potential Exclusion from Alabama and Ohio


In a surprising turn of events, President Joe Biden faces a significant hurdle in his 2024 reelection campaign, potentially being excluded from the ballots in both Alabama and Ohio due to scheduling conflicts between the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and the states' candidate certification deadlines. This development has sparked discussions across political circles, highlighting the intricate balance between electoral procedures and party conventions.

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen has raised concerns that the DNC's scheduled date, August 19, 2024, falls after Alabama's statutory deadline of August 15 for political parties to submit their presidential and vice-presidential nominees. This discrepancy could lead to President Biden's absence from the Alabama ballot, a situation that underscores the importance of adhering to state electoral laws and timelines.

The issue is not isolated to Alabama. Ohio faces a similar predicament, with Secretary of State Frank LaRose warning that the late DNC could result in Biden missing the state's certification deadline for presidential candidates. Ohio's legislature is under pressure to act by May 9, 2024, to either adjust the law or find an alternative solution to accommodate the DNC's timing.

These potential ballot exclusions highlight a procedural oversight that could have far-reaching implications for the Democratic Party and its chances in the 2024 presidential election. The DNC's scheduling conflict with state deadlines poses a logistical challenge that requires immediate attention and resolution to ensure President Biden's presence on ballots across all states.

The situation also brings to light the broader issue of election preparedness and the need for political parties to closely coordinate with state election officials. Ensuring that nomination conventions align with state certification deadlines is crucial for the smooth functioning of the electoral process and the upholding of democratic principles.

Critics argue that this oversight could have been avoided with better planning and communication between the DNC and state election offices. The potential exclusion of a sitting president from state ballots due to a scheduling conflict is unprecedented and raises questions about the DNC's organizational capabilities.

As the Democratic Party scrambles to address this issue, the Republican Party watches closely, aware that any advantage in key battleground states like Ohio could be pivotal in a closely contested election. The outcome of these discussions and any subsequent changes to convention dates or state laws will be closely monitored by political analysts and voters alike.

In conclusion, the 2024 election cycle has already presented a unique challenge for President Biden and the Democratic Party. How they navigate this obstacle will not only impact their electoral strategy but also set a precedent for future elections. The importance of meticulous planning and adherence to electoral laws has never been more evident, as the democratic process hinges on the participation of all eligible candidates on the ballot.

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  1. Looks like the DNC needs to change their dates and times for the convention!! States shouldn’t have to change their laws to accommodate a party’s incompetence.

  2. I think it was planned by those two states. Trump had to fight the Colorado state to get on thier ballot so now Biden is excluded from two state ballots. The states could delay thier process for a couple of days but being controlled by Republicans won’t. What all will the two major parties do to get and maintain power? Is next kiling the opponent?

  3. So, due to poor organizational skills (I’m guessing by some DIE hires) they miss a legitimate deadline, for anyone but the Democratic Party you suffer the consequences and move on.
    For them I’m betting they move to change the law. You know, the old lower the goal post, another way to cheat.


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